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These Were the 10 Biggest Wins in Online Slots for 2018

Every year, there are a handful of enormous and impressive wins in online casino games, and the majority of them occur in slot games. What’s more, entertaining stories of massive jackpot hits often go viral, but some of them stay relatively unknown.

In all of these online slot game wins, there is simply an unimaginable amount of money. However, when it comes to huge wins, people love to read about them not just because of the prizes, but for the personal stories. All of us are fans of rags-to-riches stories, and casino jackpot hits always contain some juicy and amusing details.

Some players will certainly connect with the heartfelt stories of people in need whose lives were changed by a lucky hit. Others will definitely be jealous of the staggeringly low bet sizes the lucky winners have wagered before scoring big and transforming their entire lives for the better.

So Was 2018 a Good Year to Gamble?

If you’re an avid online gambler, you know that the biggest wins occur mainly in progressive slots and video slots. Mega Fortune slot by NetEnt or the Mega Moolah slot by Microgaming offer some of the most popular and largest jackpots.

However, you might not have known that there are plenty of other online slots in which you can score a massive jackpot. With that in mind, are you wondering about what happened last year and who won the biggest prizes? What are some of the online slots with the biggest wins? Who are the lucky slot players and how much did they bet before winning?

Well, the total size of the wins on our list amounts to over $30 million! Thus, 2018 has surely witnessed some record payouts.

When you see some of these numbers, you will know that the players’ bets really paid off. Furthermore, these stories might inspire you to gamble online for real money and try to score an entire fortune. Check out our list of the biggest online slot wins of 2018!

Let’s See Who Got Lucky and How:

1. Divine Fortune Slot Jackpot #1 (CasinoLuck): €202,967

Gambling Divine FortuneIn the summer of 2018, a young Finnish player named Jan-Eric (24) got a lucky break when he won €202,967. Jan-Eric was spinning the reels on Divine Fortune by NetEnt when he triggered the progressive jackpot.

Jan-Eric was playing at CasinoLuck, and he wagered a mere €1.

2. Divine Fortune Slot Jackpot #2 (Casumo Casino): €131,546

Gambling Empire FortuneBack in September, a Swedish woman named Ida placed a bet of only €0.40 on Divine Fortune slot by NetEnt. Ida was playing the slot at Casumo mobile casino. Namely, she triggered a bonus round which, in turn, gave her an enormous progressive jackpot.

Ida won a whopping €131,546.60 jackpot at Casumo Casino when she least expected it. Namely, the lucky girl simply started to play because her dog kept her up and she couldn’t sleep.

3. Empire Fortune Slot Jackpot (Bethard Casino): €2.2 Million

Can you think of anything better than winning a massive jackpot? Actually, there’s an even better scenario: if you win it during Christmas time! That’s how a Swedish gambler ended up with a rather large €2.2 million X-mas gift when he triggered a progressive jackpot.

The player placed a bet of €4 on Empire Fortune slot by Yggdrasil at Bethard Casino.

4. Mighty Tusk Slot Jackpot (Mecca Bingo Casino): £1.6 Million

Sometimes, you need to change casino game types in order to win. That’s exactly what happened when an experienced bingo player from England wanted to try out a slot at Mecca Bingo Casino.

The player selected a random online casino game and added a £0.40 bet. Luckily, the game was Mighty Tusk, and it awarded him with a surprise: an ultimate jackpot!

The player won an unbelievable sum of £1.6 million. However, what makes this story even sweeter is that the player has five children and raises them on their own, which means the jackpot will definitely transform their lives for the better. And that what makes this Mecca Bingo Casino biggest win simply adorable!

5. Major Millions Slot Jackpot (Mega Casino): £1.5 Million

Online casino Major Millions 5 Reels LinesNear the end of summer, a player from the UK won a huge jackpot on Major Millions by Microgaming. The great thing about this win is that the player won as soon as he signed up at the online casino.

The man only wagered £3 on the mobile version of Mega Casino online slot game, and he hit a £1.5 Million jackpot very quickly.

6. Hall of Gods Slot Jackpot (Paf Casino): €2.75 Million

In July, a Finnish player managed to win an astounding €2.75 million prize. The player used the Paf mobile casino and played a round of Hall of Gods by NetEnt.

The jackpot was triggered with a bet of only €2, which means this win was truly massive. However, the prize didn’t end there. Due to the Mega Million campaign by NetEnt, the casino gave the player another prize. The player earned €350,000 extra for winning the jackpot. This Hall of Gods online slot biggest win was truly incredible!

7. Mega Fortune Slot Jackpot (PokerStars Casino): $4 Million

Another incredible win happened a few months later, in October, at PokerStars Casino. This time, a German player with the alias of “StatisticPro” wagered only $2.50 on the famous Mega Fortune slot by NetEnt.

As you can imagine, the player completely froze when he saw that he landed a progressive jackpot. The player is now $4 million richer. What a life-changing moment!

8. Millionaires Island Slot Jackpot (PokerStars Casino): $3+ Million

Millionaires Island is a proprietary slot machine by PokerStars Casino. You might have heard of it because its progressive jackpot minimum is an astonishing $1 million. It is a very popular progressive jackpot game.

In one of 2018’s biggest wins, a player managed to trigger the progressive jackpot in springtime. The player had the alias “Anchor72,” and he became a full-time millionaire when he got the random jackpot. This online slot biggest win was truly something!

The size of the prize was $3,047,961.04 at the time, which means the player is probably swimming in cash today. The total size of the progressive jackpot wins at PokerStars Casino is over $23 million so far.

9. Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot ( £4+ Million

A British player used only 80p on Mega Fortune Dreams online slot game by NetEnt. The player, aged 49, was using real money at when he played the slot. Suddenly, he struck gold.

The jackpot size was £4,082,246.09 at the time, meaning that the player will probably never have to worry about finances again.

10. Joker Millions Slot Jackpot (LeoVegas Casino): €7.8 Million

Online Slots Joker Millions SlotYggdrasil is an online casino game provider that is very famous for its Joker Millions Slot. Namely, the slot has an unimaginably large progressive jackpot. In November 2018, a player broke a record by winning the largest jackpot for all players in Sweden. The player chose LeoVegas casino, and he used the mobile version. Furthermore, the bet was around $0.50, which is nothing compared to a lifetime of fortune.

Namely, the player won the progressive jackpot which was €7.8 million at the time. The Joker Millions jackpot was LeoVegas casino’s biggest win in 2018.

What About 2019?

Overall, the number of slot wins in 2018 was extremely high. As mentioned, we added up all the wins from our list, and they amount to over $30 million, which means a lot of people got lucky. The fact that they didn’t spend a lot of money to win is fascinating.

So if you are thinking about trying out some slots to win high prizes, don’t hesitate to spend some real money and spin some reels at online slot games because your bet could change your life forever.

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