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How to Collect Money on Online Slot Machines

In order to figure out how to collect money on online slot machines, you need to understand how they work. Is there a strategy? What is a progressive jackpot? What is the difference between a 5-reel slot and a 3-reel one? These are some of the questions we’ll endeavor to answer in this article. When we talk about online slots, naturally, you need to play at a casino with a good reputation. Otherwise, you may end up without ever getting a payout. But, how do these slots work?

Bear in mind that there is no strategy you could possibly employ while playing a game of chance. Here, the only thing that can help you win big is Lady Luck. That’s right; if you have her on your side, then you can land the winning combination. So, there is no shortcut to the winnings. If you want to know how to collect money on online slot machines, there are some things you need to understand.

How Does RNG Work

We have to emphasize the fact that slot games don’t have memory. This also goes for RNG or any other part of the game for that matter. The game software is never aware of whether you had a big win or lost a significant amount of money. It doesn’t keep record of the jackpot winning. The factor which is responsible for the outcome of your spin is a specific mathematical equation. The results of your slot spin online aren’t programmed to achieve particular results.

Once you start a spin on an online slot game, the Random Number Generator begins to spit out numbers at a rate of a couple of hundreds per second. The moment you click on a button, RNG number will determine in a split second which symbols the reel will land on. Therefore, the only factor that determines whether you win or lose is the moment in which you click your mouse.

In every single slot game, we find a computer component which we call the Random Number Generator, or merely RNG. Its primary purpose is to make random sequences even when no one is playing! The Random Number Generator produces an entirely arbitrary and distinctive string of numbers each time someone clicks bet max or the spin button.

All online casinos apply RNG to help them determine the outcome of every online slot game they have to offer. The consequences depend on the Random Number Generator and the algorithm combination. These change every time someone clicks the next spin. There is no way for anyone to predict what can happen in the future spins.

Put Your Trust In a Respectable Casino

We have already mentioned that you have to put your trust in a reputable establishment. There are so many rogue, blacklisted online casinos just waiting to rip you off. Nowadays, it’s easy to do a simple web search and determine which casino has a shady flag.

We have some tips on this subject. Namely, once you read the terms and conditions section, you can have a pretty good idea about the good and bad sides of an online casino. We advise you to pay close attention to wagering requirements and promises of a cash prize. More often than not, these will remain just that — promises.

Most of the bad casinos do their best to lure you in with some juicy welcome bonuses, promotional offers, and an enormous figure on the progressive jackpot. But do they actually deliver all of these promised treats? In case a casino is shady, they only tempt you raising your hopes.

Instead of hooking up like a fish to bate, be smart and find a safe, high-rated, real money casino with a wide choice of games. This will ensure your entertainment level is at its prime. Also, you will actually get the money you’ve won pretty quickly. After all, isn’t this what you came for in the first place? Anyway, here is something to think about before making your first deposit.

Return to Player Percentage

Here is another excellent thing to cover. Before you engage in the whole online gambling business, you should be aware of the following term. It is known as the Return to Player, but it’s referred to on some occasions as the payback percentage.

Do your best to remember this one, and it can be a determining factor which can influence your chances of winning. What exactly is this? It’s the percentage of wagered money that will eventually be returned to players.

How exactly do casinos reach the figure? By calculating thousands of spins, that’s how. The casino operators don’t just take single gameplay of a sole player into account; instead, they combine every session by all the players.

There is a great thing you can find on the web if you put some extra work. Namely, some websites make RTP of their online slots public. This makes the casino policy pretty transparent, which is excellent. In case you stumble on this, mind the percentage (it should be around 96%). Anything less than this figure means — run, don’t walk away. Just don’t confuse the fact that a game returns 96% of all bets with the certainty of you ever getting your bet back. There is always a small chance that you won’t be among the vast majority of slots players who do get the money.

Let’s Break the Volatility Myths

For those of you blissfully oblivious to this urban myth, we’re about to clarify this. Basically, you have the option to choose a slot that pays up on a rare occasion, but when it does, the winnings are sky high; on the other hand, some slots have frequent and quick payouts, but the winnings are pretty low.

Thus, volatility can be either low or high. At the end of the day, it is only your preference which will determine what type works best for you. The chances of winning in both of these cases are, believe it or not, pretty much the same.

Having all this in mind, the next time some smartass tells you to pick a high volatility slot because it is proven to be the best, just smile and ignore the ignorant advice.

All Aboard the Bonus Wagon

Now, here comes a casino’s greatest asset for attracting players — bonuses. Yeeey, who doesn’t like receiving something free of charge, or half the price, right? The bonuses on online slot machines promise to do wonders, which is excellent, but this takes us back to the choice of the casino.

If you choose a respectable establishment, cash prizes and bonuses will be delivered. The bonuses will not increase your chances to win, but they can be an excellent addition to the sum you earned. Naturally, whenever playing real money slots, you have to meet the wagering requirements to receive the bonuses.

Visit the website’s terms and conditions section to figure out just how many playthroughs you have to accomplish before you can claim bonuses.

More great news if you enjoy playing slots for real money — most of the deposit bonuses are precisely in the slots categories. For example, the casinos will offer up to 200% match bonus to help you spin those reels. The best thing about bonuses and slots is the fact that you can receive free slots spins. If you receive a big win thanks to some of the bonuses, consider yourself a fortunate individual.

Slot Games

In case you aren’t sure as to which types of slots you can find and play online, we can classify them for your easy navigation. Namely, we can find an extensive range of slot games which include bonus slots, video slots, three-reel slots, and progressive jackpot slots. These are the most popular ones. There are some additional types, but we recommend these ones as they will give you the best experience.

Three-reel Slots

This is the most straightforward slot game you can find. Some call this game a ‘one-armed bandit’ because of an early land-casino variant of the slot machine. This ancestor of today’s three-reel slot got the nickname because the machine had a lever that had to be pulled to start a spin.

Just in case you never played slots before, we suggest you try this one first, as the most straightforward type you will ever find. All of the three-reel games are easy, simple, and enjoyable. As a nice addition on gambling sites, these games offer very generous progressive jackpots. Jackpots are one of the best ways to answer the question of how to collect money on online slot machines.

Video Slots

This type of online slot games is also called the multiple-reel slot. In order to be in this category, the slot game has to contain at least five reels. Thus, oftentimes they are referred to as five-reel slots. The graphics on these babies is amazing, sophisticated, and attractive.

The main difference between a three-reel and a five-reel slot lies in the number of paylines. Some video slots offer more than 100 paylines you can bet on.

Bonus Slots

This is not a particular slot category. Instead, this refers to a bonus game round. This round can be triggered by some symbols and combinations on a payline. So, basically, a bonus game is a game within a game. You cannot choose to play it. You must either meet some requirements or be lucky enough for this bonus round to strike your slot.

Progressive Jackpot Game

This is the player’s best chance to win some serious cash. We can find the progressive jackpot that can grow up to thousands of dollars. Every single spin brings you trills and sweet anticipations.

The progressive jackpot amount is not bound to slots exclusively. Bets from all game sections are added to the final digit. This makes progressive jackpot slots even juicier. It’s no wonder that these slot games make the most popular category of slots we can find.

Let’s Wrap These Slots Up

We’ll give you the best and the most straightforward piece of advice there is — when choosing slots you want to play, the key thing is to be smart and not get ahead of yourself. As tempting as it may seem, don’t just jump to any online casino without doing any research.

You would be amazed to learn how many of them actually have horrible reviews and user complaints. You most definitely don’t want to become one of those angry users, do you? Choose your provider wisely, study the terms and conditions, and if they seem shady, pass — there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

Try playing as many bonus rounds as you possibly can. They can provide some additional free spins, and who knows, maybe a jackpot is just around the corner?

So, other than the little tricks we presented, nothing but pure luck can make or break your chances of winning.

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